On this homepage, I present my work as a photographer for everyone who is interested. Below is a quick preview of some current projects. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Macro Photography

The macro perspective is a specialty because it is seldom noticed in our everyday life. To make these shots even more spectacular, I use the depth of field for a beautiful artistic blurring effect. The cross spider pictured here is about 1cm tall.

Landscape Photography

There are many beautiful landscapes. This often represents at most a technical and travel logistical challenge for the photographer. In order to give the surroundings a special flair, I like to combine my landscape shots with local conditions. This photo shows the Tyrolean lowlands through a window of a castle ruin in Rattenberg.

Product Photography

In the field of product photography, I produce classic studio photos with specially made softboxes. In this case, I photographed two galvanized screws.

Nature Photography

When I go out into nature, I always take my camera with me and look for unusual shapes and beautiful perspectives.

Food and Drink Photography

In the field of food and drink photography I try to integrate the dishes and drinks in a natural environment. This picture shows a beer I brewed myself.

Portrait Photographie

The most popular part of photography undoubtedly seems to be portrait photography. An unaffected, situational representation is very important to me here. This requires perfect coordination between the photographer and the model.
This picture is a self-portrait. I do not want to use model photos in this presentation for reasons of personal rights.

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